Saturday, February 13, 2010


So I am going to post more features before posting more of my own work.

This person makes amazing-looking soap that tempts me very much! Though they look edible and might very well be, as with pretty much all soaps I do not recommend you eat them!

These Mini Dessert Assortment Soaps, which look like delectable desserts, are made of goats milk soap and rumored to smell like they look. I would suggest keeping them away from children or scatter-brains like I am, or they will be eaten.

You can visit her at

Another artist to take note of makes some really neat antler carving. I am particularly fond of the carved rose in the image.

In the image to the right is the carved rose I was talking about. It is carved from genuine deer antler. By hand. I think it is absolutely beautiful! The other cool thing is that a deer was not hunted to make this item, but the antlers of the animal were taken after they were naturally shed. Which makes this immediately better in my book. Check this artist out!

Looking for a nice gift for someone who likes unique things? How about someone who likes small, adorable things? This next vendor is good at making adorable little miniatures! So jump right into the world of minis!

So I chose to show the sushi because my friends and I like to go out on "sushi nights" relatively frequently. And my fiance is obsessed with sushi. So this miniature is sure to please them, at least! Definitely a unique thing, yes? The artist even has an entire list of what to do with these miniatures.

So concludes this feature. Yup, the three are people on, maybe next time I will feature DeviantArt friends or other fun things I have found.

~Picpic Tewlikitpe

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