Friday, February 12, 2010

First Feature!

These are amazing artists on Etsy, whom I have enjoyed their work and now want to share it!

The first is a ceramicist who focuses on masks. He found me and faved my mask on and so I have decided to feature my favourite pieces of his. He can be found at

I particularly enjoy the offset of warm/cool colors. I also enjoy how, while not symmetrical, it is balanced. I also think this mask is amking a fun, funky face that I can't help but smile at when I see it.

This artist, who is also found at, makes all sorts of beautiful beaded Native jewelry. Her designs are lovely and I like the color choices that she uses. She is an amazing artist and here are a few of her pieces that I enjoyed. 

These earrings are adorable! They come in different colors, too, if pink is not your fancy.

 For my third feature, I picked an artist that has made a Native prayer fan that I adore. You can find her at

This fan makes me smile. It has a lovely copper-colored face so at peace that I feel peaceful just looking at it. The beadwork compliments rather than detracting from the copper piece and all beads and metal work well with the wooden base.

I hope you take the time to visit these artists and look at the rest of their work!
Have a wonderful Friday and a great Weekend!

~Picpic Tewlikitpe

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  1. Picpic, Wado for featuring my earrings on your new blog site. I enjoyed reading the blog, seeing the other featured artists and getting to know their worl. Best wishes to you. Joni