Friday, January 14, 2011

General updates - January 15, 2011

The new year has come and I have been unable to work much on my artwork, much less make more things to sell. I have been working on getting a job and dealing with the drama that seems to have popped up around me. Generally drama makes it that I cannot do any of my artwork because it would stain my artwork with the negative thoughts and feelings as the work passes through my hands.

I do anticipate doing some more work once I can secure some kind of job, but until then I am definitely on Hiatus. The only thing I know pretty much for certain that I will be attending a powwow in Salem, Oregon in March to sell my wares, so please look for me then and there if you can. I also will be continuing to sell my items online at

Looking forward to feature more artists and my own work soon!
~Picpic Tewlikitpe

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