Friday, May 13, 2011

Feature! White Buffalo Designs

Now, you have likely recently read, if you follow this blog, about the wonderful bunch of "Campfire Cousins" I have found at the virtual campfire of the Native Forum on Etsy. Through this I have made many cherished friends, and I am always excited to expand the closeness to others in the forum.

Speaking of other great artists in the forum, I have found some absolutely gorgeous items in the shop of White Buffalo Designs. I really must have at least one once I get the money. He has a number of beautiful ammonites, supplies, bags of various types, and inlaid pieces.

Here is a peek of his stuff.

Ammonites. The listing only is for one, but you get to pick the left one or the right one. Really, they are both gorgeous. Ammonites cut in half and set in silver so it can be a pendant.

This is one particular piece I am interested in. Once I get the funding, this is gonna be mine. Really, I adore ammonites in general. These warm browns and wines really pique my interest. I really hope you don't but it before I get to here in his shop. You should read his description in the listing:
These are prehistoric fossils similar to a snail , that have been
cut in half ,polished and set in a silver band for a pendant.
These are rather large , being 40x32mm.
The reverse on these is opalised but does not show any
The draw with cut ammonites is the interesting interior.
Some are solid , while others will show cavities with crystal
formations in them. Everytime you cut one you get a different

I have some whole ammonites listed that have lots of color
flash showing on the polished surface.

Isn't that writing beautiful? I need to learn how to do write-ups like this.

Now for something different, for you men out there:

Men's "Turquoise Heshi Choker with Red Pipestone"

Isn't that handsome? You can buy it here. I think I will definitely show this one off because I love the color combinations. The black intrusions in the turquoise remind me of a beautiful lakeside. Actually, it kind of reminds me of one of the places I love to go camping on the rez. I am really attached to that place, so this piece spoke to me, just like the other piece I featured. I love featuring things that reach out to me, and White Buffalo Designs definitely makes such items.

He is definitely inspirational in work, and words on the forum. I love hearing from this talented artist. I hope you take the time to browse his shop. Maybe a piece will speak to you saying "bring me home."


  1. Love both of those items! He is a very talented artist and really has a vast knowledge of his stones and most especially American turquoise.

  2. White Buffalo Designs has high quality supplies and 3Horses is very knowledgeable and helpful too, fantastic place to shop!