Monday, June 6, 2011

Many Changes Lately

So, it may seem like I have died or fallen off the face of the planet. I am here to assure you that this is not the case. I have merely fallen prey to many-things-changing-at-once syndrome. It should clear up in a few months. I hope.

So, to catalog the changes that have gone on lately:
  • Got a job. That is a 1-hour commute up, 8 hours of work plus a 1-hour lunch, and 1.5 hours back… five days a week
  • Hubby got an apprenticeship in the same town I work in. Sadly, this starts at 7:15, so he drops me off at 6:45 every morning. Which means leaving at 5:45, which means up at 5. I am not good at this yet, so yes, I am whining. I am generally at work 9.25 working hours plus 1 hour lunch, plus 1 hour up to work, plus 1.5 hour commute back…
  • This means I have been dead tired.
  • Got contact lenses for the first time in four years. Getting new glasses soon as I actually order them. Contacts are sticky right now due to not being used to these things. Blegh.
  • Moving slowly. Due to hubby’s said apprenticeship and my job, we can no longer stay where we are. No place lined up yet, but folks on both sides willing to keep a hold of our stuff till we get a place and can move in.  Put in our 30-day notice, so we gotta be out by the end of the month.
  • Supposed to finish two baskets for a trade. Woefully behind. Also trying to get them to do what I want (flat bottoms on both sides doesn’t seem to be happening. Seems to be a sign of the style. One side will bulge on the bottom, inside or outside.)
  • Planning a beach trip with friends. This is a tough process trying to sort this all out and accommodate as many people as we can.
  • Husband eats like a cow. All the time and in high quantities. However, unlike the bovine he remains really skinny… darn hiiigh metabolism!
We are trying to find a place with washer and dryer, if we are lucky. We are still loooooking. But this commute will kill us if we have to suffer through it longer than a month.

Sadly, moving means that I won’t get to go to my favourite vendors at the Salem Saturday market (where I went today and got a great deal on foods!)

One of my favourite vendors? Pitchfork & Crow, of course. Their tagline is “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Vegetables.” the place is farmed by wonderful people. According to their business card it is Jeff Bramlett and Carri Heisler. Hey, you can even email them with questions, comments, etc. They are really nice people. Every week they post online what they are bringing to that week’s market. The food is delicious and all certified Organic. They have a Community Supported Agriculture program, where they bring your basket to a convenient location every week (for 27 weeks!) and you just go pick it up. There is a membership fee, of course. But for $600 total, that is a lot of really fresh veggies. Their prices at the Saturday market are really reasonable, too.

I wish they delivered to Portland. I would totally jump on that bandwagon! *sigh* I guess I will have to find one in Portland. Perhaps I could ask them for recommendations.

There is another vendor, but I don’t remember their business name. I just remember I love their produce and buy every time. I spied some great-looking zucchini and just had to go for it!

Another vendor had local, ripe strawberries this past Saturday! They were sooo sweet and delish.

So I will miss this Saturday market. I have been going for about four or five years now, off and on. It has been so nearby and convenient, too! I spied a few things today that, if I decided to splurge, I would totally buy. Le sigh.

In conclusion. No, I am not dead. Yes, I am exceedingly busy and feel deadish. I have a lot going on. I will miss my local vendors and community in Salem.

Strength, Hope, Peace, Healing, Prayers, Good Thoughts, and Best Wishes to all of you!

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