Thursday, August 25, 2011

The end of this road I walk today 8.24.11

This particular path in my life has come to an end, and I stand at a the poetical, theoretical, hypothetical crossroads of life. My internship (which is one reason I have been neglecting you, dear readers) is coming to an end. Between travelling to do interviews, frantically writing and editing chapters, commuting, looking for an apartment, and now looking for work, on top of doing my job, I have fallen woefully behind. My poor furbabies (kitties, Princess and Domino) are feeling left out and meow at me a lot when I get home, now. We are still staying with family, and might for a bit longer as I try to find a new job... which may not be a lot of fun. I will miss the place I am at now, which I elaborate on in my personal blog.

Perhaps this change of pace will allow me more time for my crafting. I owe a friend some baskets as part of a trade (and am thinking of tossing in a little something extra for the couple months' wait. I feel like a horrible, horrible person!), and should stock up before the Christmas season. I saw a bunch of Halloween stuff about, which means Christmas merchandise is not too far behind. One of these days I will have baskets for all seasons and will just shuffle them about in my shop as season dictates.

I will hopefully get back to blogging as well, and then you, dear reader, will not feel so neglected. Which makes me wonder. Does anybody read this? I know that a few do when I link them to people on social networks, but does anyone just stumble across here and like it? Read it frequently despite infrequent updates? I may never know... but it would be nice to know that somebody is listening. Or even really cares that I am still blogging.

By the way, yes, I am alive. K'thanks.

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