Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Evening with Inspiration

Just about two weeks ago, I went to an event at the Oregon Zoo for a dinner event. The dinner event honored Native American students who won the scholarships offered by ONAC, the Oregon Native American Chamber.  At this event, I had the excitement of seeing a number of people I know and haven’t had the chance to see lately. I also had the honor of seeing three of my teachers!

My Teachers!
From Left to Right, Pat Courtney Gold (basket weaver), Lillian Pitt (multimedia artist), and Ed Edmo (storyteller).

Each of these people has touched my life and taught me a skills I use on my path through life.
I learned a number of the crafts I do at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, which holds the Journeys in Creativity program.

Pat Cortney Gold taught me the basketry around which I base my small hobby-business (currently found on etsy). She has been featured on Craft in America, has art in a variety of stores all over the US and abroad, and has pretty much revitalized the art of basket-weaving in her tribe.  She teaches basketry classes, some of which I want to take in the near future.

It was Lillian Pitt who taught me etching and how to make ceramic masks based on Native American lore.  She has been featured on Oregon Art Beat, has had her art in the Hallie Ford Art Museum (at my college Alma Mater), and also has wares for sale across the nation.

Ed Edmo re-sparked my interest in the old stories. Most of the stories I know have come from his vast store of knowledge. I love sitting and listening to him.  He helps people become storytellers, and encourages them.

All three of these Native American artists encourage the younger generation to learn their crafts. Not only that, they encourage their students to share, and teach, the skills.

I owe so much to these lovely people. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

~Pícpic Tewlikítpe

Post-Script– sorry for the poor image quality, I am still learning how to work this camera.

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