Friday, September 30, 2011

Feature! Soulful Stuff

After the long silence, it is time for another post. I have been job-hunting and not keeping up for you, dear reader. I am sorry to have left you behind. I have been thinking of another great friend of mine on Etsy, and think I will share some of her "stuff" with you.  Her name on Etsy is "Soulful Stuff" and she is a member of my group-family there. She has also been a good friend off the sale site. You should click on her shop name and go see her Etsy profile.  She crafts all sorts of things, from quilting to photography, from jewelry to other handicrafts. A woman of many talents! An boy is she full of soul.

Anywho, here are some really awesome items I found in her shop. (If the listing is no longer available, it sold. But you should cruise around her shop and see if there is something else you like, too. :D )

"Proud to be Cherokee bracelet"
Here is a beautiful bracelet honoring the Cherokee people.  It has a lovely array of colors and bead types. Here is an excerpt from the listing (which you can see the full listing and buy the item here).
Hand-carved syllabary letters spell out "Tsa-la-gi" in Cherokee language. The reverse side of the focal bead features a pyrographed eagle feather. Eagles fly higher than any other bird, and symbolize our connection with Creator. The 7.5" bracelet features Cherokee corn beads which were said to have grown along the Trail of Tears as a result of the many tears shed along the way. Glass seed beads are added in traditional colors.
I thought it was a very heartfelt description and loved reading about the corn beads. Such pretty colors!

Item number two, handpicked from among the hundreds of items that Karynlee has for sale, is a photograph that I have come to love. As a basket-weaver myself (though in a different style and with modern materials), it resonated with me. There is a strength to weaving, a spirituality to the creative process. I would love, someday, to be able to create beautiful baskets with the more traditional materials.
"Emma's Hands--Weaving the Wisdom"

This particular image is named "Emma's Hands--Weaving the Wisdom." Whomever this Emma is, I would like to meet her as well.  The listing actually holds two images of Emma weaving the basket, and you get to pick which image you would like. The listing for it is here. It is available in three sizes, matted, and ready for you to frame. For more information, please see the listing!

So many pretty things, what could be next?  Why, of course it would be a quilt. I specifically named that she did quilting, didn't I? Yes, yes I did.

"Anasazi Quilt"
This is a quilt that spoke volumes to me when I was cruising through her shop. It speaks to the past as well as to the present and future. It gives a glimpse of a way of life and leads the mind to wonder. The quilt was inspired by glyphs carved long, long ago. The listing (found here) gives a history lesson on the title of the piece, and the way the artist went about creating it. Oh, did I mention that it was hand-quilted? A lot of talent there.

This quilt really does have a sense of spirit and soul about it. I would encourage you to look at the listing itself and learn about the quilt, where it came from, and what is in store for the lucky buyer of the item.

So there you have it, a wonderful woman with a shop full of soul-infused wonders. You really should go check out her shop. Right now. Seriously, I mean it. Something may speak to you. You might find the item you were looking for. Or, as in my case, you may find a wonderful friend.

Till next time.
~Winter Wolf

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  1. Such beautiful photography and artwork. Thank you for sharing for our enjoyment.