Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come see me on the 10th!

Hello all!

Remember my last post? Y'know, where I showed you some of my autumn and winter stock?

Well, you have a chance to see the items in-person, and possibly buy them without having to worry about shipping costs! That entire stock is going with me to a show on December 10th. I will have to do a bit of traveling to get there, but I am excited that I don't mind the travel time at all.

It will be in downtown Portland, OR at Portland State University's Native American Center. If you are interested (and have a facebook) you can check it out here:

Don't have facebook? Don't worry! Email me (picpic.tewlikitpe(AT) and I can send you the flier.

I hope to see you and your family (two leggeds, four leggeds, winged and/or finned) there. AND offer you this coupon:

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