Saturday, December 3, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Daze

There are many things to be thankful for. I am alive, I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat, I have potable water to drink, I can create, I do create, and I am surrounded by people who love me. Yes that "family" aspect is very, very important to me.

So important, in fact that my favorite pattern is my "family" motif.

"Family" in orange and brown on etsy
"Family" in red and brown on etsy

I absolutely adore fall colors. Sadly, there have been horribly of those vibrant colors here lately. The fall came late to us, you see. The leaves had barely begun to turn when the late-fall/early-winter chill winds came and whipped them off the trees. So, I decided to do some baskets in fall colors to keep the season around for a little longer.  If I still have them, they can be purchased from my etsy shop. Links are in the captions. :)

I love the colors here. So pretty! Now that fall has transitioned into early winter, I am working on a few new winter items. My favorite new pattern is the self-taught snowman! Check out these two items in my etsy shop.

This little guy is on a necklace on etsy.
In purple, and on etsy.

So, there you have it. Post-Thanksgiving, I have been so very busy creating. And, sadly at this very moment, being sick.  I did a show on the 18th, and did pretty well. Since then, it has been insane. Very insane.

I leave you with well-wishes and hopes that the sickie-bug will skip over you. If not, I hope it goes away quickly. I will get back to you soon, hopefully, with new adventures to share. :)


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