Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Status Attained!

So, I realize it has been a while since I posted. I try to keep up, but it would appear I am failing so far. Perhaps I need to make up a blogging schedule... and try to keep to it.

My current obsession has been cleaning. Unfortunately, I let my space get to a certain level of uncleanliness, then it bugs the heck outta me until I turn around and furiously clean. Well, I have been doing more furious cleaning than letting it get to a cleanliness-challenged state lately. I realize this is a good thing. I also realize that I should not let myself get so frustrated with it in the first place, and perhaps just try to keep it clean instead. We shall see.

Oh, right, this blog post is supposed to reflect my newly acquired status! I am now no longer amongst the unemployed! I have been given a job! I have to say, it was an interesting process.

It started back in early November, when I applied for the job. Well, they had actually decided on their candidates when I had submitted my resume and cover letter. Recently, however, a person in the Receptionist/Office Assistant position has been promoted to a different position within the organization, so they needed to fill the spot. They pulled my resume and cover letter! (Oh, I didn't know that detail until after my first interview)... so I was asked to an interview. I attended, dressed in nice slacks, a white button-up shirt, and black jacket. It went well, in my opinion. After that, I anxiously waited. They said they would be calling people starting the next day... And they did. I was thrilled to be offered a second interview.

I wore a nice gray skirt and a fave top of mine to the second interview. I intended to be there early, but due to my car breaking down, I was afraid I would be late! What did I do? I called as soon as it happened (one hour before my interview) and told them I might be late. Thank goodness I wasn't! I was dropped of with three minutes until my interview.

I must say, being interviewed by four people, one of which being your potential boss, can be a bit intimidating. I tried to be less nervous by joking a bit. Hopefully that was a good thing, right? Well, they asked me a bunch of tough questions, including what my weakness/challenge/need-to-work-on might be. I answered honestly: being 23 years old, recently out of college, and with only two internships under my belt, I am still learning professionalism in the workplace. I understand healthy boundaries and professionalism, but am still learning how best to put them in practice. Much to my frustration, when I asked what they were looking for "understanding of professionalism and boundaries" was near the top of the list, after dependability and the ability to do the job. Needless to say, I left the interview feeling less than confident.

My family (birth and chosen) inspired me to continue smiling, despite being scared. If I didn't get the job, it was a great opportunity and I learned something out of it. They were all very confident I would get the job, so much more than I was.

Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call requesting my references, which I happily gave. I tentatively took it as a good sign I was still in the runnings. I was then asked to fill out an application. I wondered if this was a good sign, or if they just needed it to put on record whether or not I did get the job. I waited... and waited...

I was very excited to get the call. I was offered the job! I just needed to fill out some background check information and complete a UA (Urine Analysis, the standard drug testing procedure). I wasn't entirely sure when I would start, but I am so very excited to have the job! I will now, once again, be a part of the working class. I will have an income again!

I did wonder, though, since I admitted to a MAJOR weakness... did they just appreciate my honesty and willingness to learn/work on it? Or did they decide that I was worth the effort to try despite my shortcomings? I guess I also wonder if I was their first pick, or someone else was offered the job and turned it down... like they were given another offer already or something. But, whatever the reason, I am pleasantly hired.

And I really enjoy the job. I have completed my first week and am loving it. The people I work with are all very nice, and understanding when I make a mistake (which, first week, there were understandably a few). The clients have all been very friendly and patient with me (another plus). I am looking forward to continuing to work with these wonderful people.

Where does that put my artwork? Well, it does put it a little bit more behind. I admit to being sleepy this weekend and didn't really do too much. (Okay, I did do some housework yesterday, but that was just the bathrooms and some dishes. In a big house, not all that much.)   I hadn't been doing much during the week, either, after learning so much new and running about.   I do have time, however, when I am riding public transit. I will be working on basketry then, and twiddling my fingers all the way to work and back. I anticipate some neat new stuff. :)

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