Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weird Happenings at the Native Marketplace - Dec 2014

As I said yesterday, I have been doing a few shows. We did a Native American Marketplace yesterday, 10am to 3pm. As promised, here are three odd occurrences from yesterday's event.

1. Man who overheard me talking about the event, then came and found me.
     There is a back story to this. I work about an hour from home via public transit. While on the train in the mornings/evenings, I work on baskets. Keeps me mostly out of trouble. I was headed home Friday night (the night before the show) and a lady from out of state asked me what I was working on. She asked if I had a shop in town. I told her that I do not, but that I would be at a Native Marketplace at such and such a place. I said if she wanted to come, she could google the location and find it on a map. She said she would be there.
     Well, here I was sitting at the booth and this guy comes up. He peeks over the table (not unusual for me. I work on baskets and people enjoy observing the process) and watches me work for a bit. I stood up to to to the bathroom and was asked, "do you make these?" When I said I did, he asked "were you working on them on the train yesterday?" I told him yes, I was. "Oh. I was standing nearby when you were telling that lady about it, and decided to come and find you. [...] and I thought I would buy some baskets." ... and he did.
     What was odd about it was that not only did he hear about it when I was talking to someone out, but he googled it to find the place, walked around to find me, and purchased items. It made me wonder how many other people pay attention to what I say on the train... It was flattering, however, that he did take all that effort to see a finished basket, and find some gifts for family members. I hope the recipients love them!

2. Woman who was honored to meet me.
     I sell baskets intermittently and always hear how they will be gifts for others. I am my own worst critic, and am always surprised to see how much people love my work. I was away from the table when the woman walked up. I came back to her holding a penguin basket and asking if she could purchase it. She asked if I made them, and I confirmed that I did. She then said, "I am so honored to meet you." ... Huh? She had been gifted some baskets that looked like mine. I said I had sold a good number, so it was possible. Could she describe them to me? One was a black and white one, the other black and white and blue. Blue? I have done two like that. She pulled up a photo with them in the background and, sure enough, those were my baskets. They had been gifted to her two years prior and she really enjoyed them. I was so glad they had gone to a good home.
      I am still fairly new to the basket world. I was floored by the idea someone was honored to meet me. I could see meeting my teacher, a world-renowned artist, and being honored. But me? It still feels a little weird...

3. My mother-in-law was thanked for having me.
     I am not joking. An artist friend of mine, who is a darling and sweet man that I have purchased a good amount of jewelry from, was set up at the table next to mine. I was happy to buy a few new pairs (after one earring fell somewhere, which made me very sad). The day went by pretty well, and both tables where very busy. Afterward, he was done packing up and was headed out the door. He stopped, and looked at my mother-in-law. He said, "Excuse me. Thank you for having such a great daughter." My mother-in-law looked as confused as I felt, and stated she had only been around me since I was 15. He gave his thanks and headed out. We were both kind of confused, and both kind of flattered. It was odd. Heartwarming, but odd.

Do you have some odd but touching stories? Please share!
~Pícpic Tewlikítpe

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