Sunday, December 7, 2014

Off Hiatus

Since I was honored last summer with a place at Vista House in Oregon, I have been on a hiatus. I moved, twice, and then had several family concerns. After this landslide of things, I pretty much closed up shop. I am sincerely sorry for not being around as much.

It has been about a year, and I am starting to get the hang of doing more than just one or two of these things again. This month, I have done two shows. I had a blast at each. I think I am officially off Haitus, and will probably be opening my Etsy shop again soon. Dependent on how difficult my homework is (oh, I went back to school, too), I should be able to create & post more often. Be on the lookout for more artist features!

If you have been following me on social media (links here and here), you would find that I have been creating more, and created a few new designs. Remember the snow-people? Well, I have decided this year to make penguins. Please meet Perry and Gunter. My coworkers, friends, and family enjoy naming them. :)

Here is Perry, my second-ever penguin
Please say "Hello" to Gunter, my fourth iteration of the penguin design.
I have decided on the next few shows, and will be traveling to areas in the Pacific Northwest. The next one will be New Year's Eve, heading to Portland for the annual NYE Sobriety Powwow. This is a clean & sober event that goes almost until the ball drops! It will be great.

Next post: odd happenings from the show!

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