Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A gray and cloudy Spring day

So I must think of brightly colored things. I like brightly colored things in general, unless they are violent green, burn your eyes out blue, safety cone orange, or such colours. I also like warm colours. So, to fight of the annoyances of gray cloudy days, I decided to blog about pretties.

Here is a wonderful example of bright, fun, warm colours.

I also love how the blue works really well with the red, and the white tips of the ends of the fins. I am a fan of the Beta Fish, also known alternately as Japanese Fighting Fish and Chinese Fighting Fish. I actually used to own a few that were really fun colored.

I am not sure if I would actually wear this mask... I would probably mount it on the wall so it can be seen. I wouldn't have many occassions to wear something this fun, colorful, or flashy.  That thought actually kind of makes me sad. I wish I had occasion to wear such a lovely thing.. and genuine leather, too!

You should take a look at her shop and her masks. is the listing for this particular mask.

Another fun-colored thing to look at is basketry. Not my own, here, but a very talented lady who makes pine-needle baskets. Something I lack the patience for!

It doesn't show how warm the colors are in this photo, but it shows the pretty bottom to this basket, which must have taken so many hours that I wouldn't be able to sit still long enough to do it.

The stitchwork is lovely, creating beautiful patterns while carefully coiling the piece. This basket makes me feel all warm inside just looking at it!

This piece can be found and purchased online at

For Something a little different, here is an obsidian knife. It is the red in the obsidian that I am liking here. Something about it and the red bead with it just make me smile. May also involve the sunshine filtering into the background of the image.

This appears to be an obsidian with almost pink in it, but I think it is just the lighting on the red. A lovely knife that would look great in any household. The hilt is antler, I believe, and is also pretty, but I wanted a closeup of the blade.

This item is for sale, too! Because lots of the things I feature on this blog are. This one is, guess what, also listed on

Here is the listing for this particular item:

Happy spring, and may the rest of your day and your week be less cloudy than mine. Hopefully the weather will clear up enough to go flower-gazing at all the blossoming trees around here.

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