Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things! Or, Today is a Japan day.

Now that my thesis and college days are through I am back in the swing of things. I am back to working full-time, not having homework to stress over, working on my art, and cruising for awesome things! Here are my most recent finds:

This adorable sleep mask was found at a lovely little shop, currently featured on Etsy. The artist makes demure lingerie, the kind of thing that is comfortable and is nice to wear. I read that she likes to use natural fabrics like silk and linen, which is an extra plus! The artist is based out of Japan, so international rates may apply.

You can find this artist at:

This is one of many finds on etsy. A friend of mine is going to Japan soon for a teaching job. She is going to be an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in a Japanese school on the smallest of the four islands. I am looking at fun stuff related to Japan.

Speaking of which, here is my next find: Sushi candles.
Aren't they great? They are made of beeswax and look totally adorable. Yep, one of those things that I think are fantastic. I know I wouldn't have thought of making sushi out of beesewax. This artist has all sorts of other things up her (?) sleeve.

Another fun thing? You can actually burn these! They will only last about 1-2 hours, but still! It struck me as oddly humorous, though, to burn sushi. I guess people burn candles in all sorts of shapes, so it really shouldn't be weird. You know?

This fun artist can be found at:

That is it for now. I am really excited to be back at my blog here! Soon I shall make and post new items.

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