Monday, October 25, 2010

End of Hiatus

I am greatly sorry for such a long hiatus. I have a billion (very true) excuses, but the fact remains that I have neglected you, dear reader. It has long since gone from pretty spring, through a very busy summer, and into the shivering dismal temperature and brilliant colours of fall. During spring and early summer I feverishly worked on my thesis (Passed with a "B"!) and then de-fragmenting after working in overdrive for so long. And my personal blog consumed me recently, posting recipes and random thoughts (which have nothing to do with art and thus are not posted here)....

Anywho, I have picked back up my art and basketry and am in process of twining another basket. I will be selling at an art show in Portland, OR in November. That is all for this brief update!

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